Word prompt – Buddy

It was a spring weekend, when his 8 year old son brought him his old scrapbook.

“Look Daddy! Its you! Who is this man next to you?”

He smiled at the photo. A wave a nostalgia hit him hard.

“That’s George. He was my best buddy in middle school. We had a lot of fun back then”

“Daddy, where is he now?” The child could barely contain his enthusiasm.

“I dunno. Somewhere out there. We haven’t met in years…” The words hit him hard. His son looked at the photo incredulously.

Mathew made up his mind. That night he searched all the social media for his buddy George Mason. And soon did he find him. Living with his wife and two beautiful daughters was his old buddy George.

He dropped in a message, wishing to see him again.

The reply came next morning.

“Hello there Mr. Mathew Emory. This is Stella. I’m George’s wife. I’m so sorry to tell you this, but he passed away last year. I maintain his social media accounts to keep one last vestige of his existence alive in the virtual world. I’m sure we can meet up if you want. He had told me so much about you.”

That day, his son saw his father letting out a stray tear. That day his wife saw him weak. That day he realized that he will no longer be able to catch up with his old buddy George…..

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