This blog is inspired by an incident my friend faced. I’m not going to reveal anyone’s identity or label anyone, but I feel like you people out there should know this.

This took place today when we were lazily chilling out on our phones, checking mails, WhatsApp, FB and what not. Then suddenly my friend X got an FB message from this guy, who she knows is her Boyfriend’s good friend and he happened to be my friend in high school too. We all agree on a general rule that the friend of our BF/GF is also a friend of ours and she hence gracefully replied with a hey back.

The guy went on about how he saw her during one of his exams and how she wore the same clothes on both days and asked her if she was superstitious. To which she asked if he was there for exams or to look at girls.

And she never expected him to reply with “You looked hot. Don’t let your BF know.” And ta-da. She started freaking out. She called her BF and asked him to take a look at it and to do what’s necessary.

The Guy who took a hint that she’s offended at her not replying to the comment started saying it was a joke and so on. The BF chatted on her behalf saying its not a joke, to which the other guy asked if he was the bad guy now. When the BF asked who else, The Guy replied “Both of us”. Later on we settled the issue with her threatening to block him if he doesn’t get lost.

The Guy later asked her BF how he puts up with her to which The BF replied he knows how to treat his GF. Simply putting it, he bitched about her to her BF.

Her BF was so pissed that he later on asked her to be careful when she speaks to guys she doesn’t know also calling it her fault.

But people let me bring your attention to the fact that she’s seen him couple of times with her BF and had talked to him too. She was beating herself up thinking it was all her fault.

What did she do, other than in the name of civility drop a “Hi” back to someone who she had known to be her BF’s close friend? Who’s here to blame? Well I for one who has seen the entire chat history doesn’t think my friend is the one to blame and I’m not taking sides here for I know both the accused and the victim.

So was it a “harmless flirting”? Or was she overreacting? Or was it all her fault? If you can please help sort this out, please do. My friend is here beating herself up thinking its her fault. So I assume you visionaries with far more experiences in life can help me figure out what went wrong and where.

We do teach our daughters to be sorry for too many things and blame themselves for anything that goes wrong in life, don’t we?