They were twin souls,
Two peas in a pod.
They were best friends,
Until a misplaced word.
Arguments laced the air,
Venom spat at their words,
Rage, regret and pain numbed their souls,
But their egos held them back.
From then on they were just two strangers,
Strangers who shared memories,
Strangers who shared secrets,
But just strangers nonetheless….

This is just a small snippet of what goes around us everyday. We place so much trust in a person, but we hardly can let go of a wrong word that unfortunately tumble out of their lips at a wrong moment.

We are educated and informed. But we use our knowledge to misinterpret others. Too bad, we have even more bigger egos which hold us back when we know all that we have to do is to apologize. But then one day, you will see how wrong it was, but can never go back.

So keep relationships and friendships close to your heart. Stop over analyzing words. Pay heed only to actions. Because after all, actions speak louder than words. In today’s scenario, just let actions do the talking as words can carry a million other meanings…