Summer, autumn, winter, spring,
Revelations did these seasons bring,
Time flew free, wild and unreigned,
Her heart went down as it was weighed.
Promises were shattered,
Tears were splattered,
Amidst the chaos she stood,
Clueless, bewildered and confused.

The Great Leveller played his part,
But alas, he couldn’t heal her heart.
Concealed, unhealed and beating hard,
She grew wild, untamed and scarred.
Truth that they did shield,
Was a day then unveiled,
No downpour ever did,
Match the tears that she hid.
Restless nights, endless prayers,
Streaming tears and bizzare nightmares,
She tried to heal,
But none did the deal.
Aimed at healing myself, this is a part of a series of poetry.