One morning all sun and shine,

A Lady came in primped and fine,

She strolled in with fiery red hair,

And emerald eyes filled with despair.

Battered, bruised black and blue,

Her eyes with fear fluttered askew,

She took her seat, proper and graceful,

With her air of elegance, uniquely beautiful.

Casual enquiries on weather and life,

Then gave way to her visible strife,

“Tell me child, what had been done?”,

“Useless, for I know it can’t be undone”.

Her voice ringed with detest,

As her finger was ringed with mistrust,

She stood up, but then relented,

And then she shared what had her tormented.

She was abused, trashed and beaten,

Upon confessing which, her cheek seemed to heaten,

The vows were forgotten,

The love now turned rotten,

He gave her gashes and regret,

Whom he promised comfort and swore to protect.

She wiped her teary eyes,

And calmed her cries,

Her back steeled and straightened,

Though she couldn’t help but feel frightened.

She recounted their tale,

The one of love that now turned frail,

Of who said their vows three years back,

And rode to sunset, with a grin like a maniac.

Here she sat wiping her tears,

For he had become her greatest fear,

Accused of adultery, beaten to death,

She sat like a tombstone and took a deep breath.

She had found his indiscretions,

And cried to sleep during his expeditions,

For she was his little perfect trophy wife,

And she learned to smile through her strife.

“Why now and how, have you found courage,

To speak of this failed marriage?”

“There’s a little life inside my womb.

My little one, starting to bloom.

I can’t bring my child up in this malice,

I need to be brave and find the balance.”

She looked determined, ready to fight,

Ready to be her own knight,

For a woman, she is her own saviour,

Because no one else can ever save her.

She found her ray of hope,

And she cannot be brought to a stop,

For a mother, all is right,

What she does for her child’s future bright.

She finished her story, rubbed her belly,

Stood up tall, strong and ready.

I saw no fear nor despair,

For I saw her emerald eyes on fire.

She walked out, courtesy a grateful nod, 

I closed my eyes, muttered a prayer to God,

What doesn’t we do for our little ones?

I smiled at the photo of my twin sons.

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