An avid dreamer, yet an eternal realist.

Voracious reader, as long as the content is fiction.

Anime addict. 

Non-stop chatter box.

Good listener. I listen, because each story is a puzzle to complete.

This is my space where I can let loose all that’s in my head. Most will be fiction, but a few autobiographical elements will be scattered throughout the entire story.

I have no, or very less worldly experience as the wise ones put it, but I am willing to learn.

This blog is a platform where I sharpen my tools, for the strongest of all weapons is words.

As to why I want to write…….

I write to release myself.
I write to heal myself and others like me.
I write to know me better.
I write so that I can be better.

I choose to be known here as Raven Black.

 I do own the literary content here, but illustrations are not mine. I can hardly draw a stick figure. Image sources are mentioned after every post. I just find them randomly in Pinterest. If you do have any complaints regarding the use of the images, feel free to let me know at . I’ll do the necessary. 

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