​My choices made my bed.

Now I must lie on it.

My words made my coffin.

But I guess it can wait.

My decisions paved my path.

I am marching right on.

My mistakes erected the obstacles.

I am leaping over them.

My actions set me on fire.

But I am rising from my ashes.

My priorities lengthen the way.

I am, but in no hurry.

My day shall come.

And I shall burn bright.

Put the dazzling sun to shame.

To all my delight.

I want no fame, no glory.

I want to write my own story.

Here I am, waging war inside.

My demons fighting alongside.

I tamed my darkness.

Now it accepts my commands.

I shall fight.

Until my last breath.

Until I lose all my might.

I shall have faith.

So here I march.

Here I strive.

And I shall have my plight.

All for a better night.

Then shall I rest

Until He knocks to take me West.